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Since we launched in Feb we've hosted some brilliant musical theatre in our spaces. Our vision is to be a home for discovering, developing and re-imagining new musicals, as part of this we're excited to reveal our Development Programme.

Through the programme we want to support the journey of new musical theatre at every stage of its development – through a mix of networking events, opportunities to pitch to our programming team and various workshops and Work In Progress productions, we're giving musical theatre artists ways to bring their creative vision to life.

Whether you have a new show up your sleeve or just love musical theatre, come and be part of the process and help us nurture the next generation of musicals.

Our Work in Progress series offers productions a space to create, develop and explore their work.

Each show will have public sharings where you can be the first not only to see the new work but also help in the development of the show by offering your feedback and opinion. This feedback will then inform the next stage of the project’s development.

Work In Progress sharings