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26 July 2018

Edinburgh Previews: World In Progress


Merde! Theatre Company is excited to present their brand new piece of musical theatre, the song-cycle: World In Progress. Written by composer-lyricist Colm Molloy and featuring a cast of actor-musicians, it is a piece that explores our relationship with the earth; how we’ve grown from worshipping, to exploiting and destroying it, whilst simultaneously doing the same to humanity. In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sociopolitical and cultural conflicts, it is important to reflect on our relationship with the planet and the fragility of human life. How can we keep on draining the world of its finite resources? And for how long is this sustainable? World in Progress tells us that life is about survival. Our existence on the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ is in danger.

World in Progress is not only an ironic look at the current state of affairs, but is also an uplifting celebration of the earth. The planet is one of the only things that unites us as a species – the one common denominator – and so this piece experiments with an eclectic mix of song styles: from musical theatre, choral, folk, funk, soul, electronic, jazz, and more. All of this is in an attempt to honour our rich and diverse species. Each song explores our relationship with the earth: songs of birth, worship, balance and ritual, as well as of devolution, both from a personal and worldly perspective. The piece alerts us to the inevitable mortality of life, and inspires a reason for its enjoyment while we can.

Times & Prices

Thu 26 Jul, 8pm

Running Time
55 minutes (no interval)

Ticket Prices*
Studio Floor & Upper Gallery: £10
Studio Gallery: £15
Standing: £8

*All prices are subject to availability, may only be available on certain performances and are subject to change without prior notice.

Age recommendation: 12+