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16 June 2018

Jamaica, Farewell


How expensive is a ticket from Jamaica to America? A cool million dollars.

When Debra Ehhrhardt was a seventeen-year old secretary in Kingston, she and her passion for America bumped into handsome CIA Jack Wallingsford over a bowl of oxtail soup on her lunch break. It was during the turbulent seventies of the Manley Era that she saw her chance; a pinhole of opportunity that she could squeeze through with the help of love-struck Mr. Wallingsford. She began a dangerous adventure that only the single-minded passion of a teenage girl would chance. The boundary between bravery and foolishness blurred as she became more desperate. When she agreed to smuggle a large sum of cash to a mysterious contact somewhere in Miami, she got Jack to help her. Only he had no idea.

See what happens when the audacity of youth comes smack up against the impossibility of escaping from the war-torn class struggle that seized Jamaica in the 1970s. With all the surprise and ingenuity of the best make-believe tales, the true story of Debra Ehrhardt’s dangerous journey from the island of her youth to the country of her dreams will enthrall you, charm you, and ultimately leave you celebrating at the triumphant conclusion of her autobiographical one-woman show.

Times & Prices

Sat 16 Jun, 8pm

Running Time
85 minutes

Ticket Prices
All tickets £20*

*All tickets are subject to availability, may only be available on certain performances and are subject to change without prior notice.

Age recommendation 16+

Cast & Creative

Debra Ehrhardt photo

Debra Ehrhardt